Thursday, March 22, 2007


Years gone by, I look back at life,

A vast dry desert, black & barren,

Somewhere in between, I find a garden,

Blooming with flowers and a fountain in between,

One day they'll be gone, leaving me alone,

Will anyone stay or ever come back,

Or will i remain alone, to suffer the pain???

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Somewhere down below,
In the depths of my darkness,
I stay imprisoned,
By the laws of destiny,
Longing for company,
To kick start a mutiny.

A struggle to survive,
A fight to forget,
Forget all that,
Which made me regret.

Will they ever change?
Will they change for good?
Will there be victory?
Will there be pain?
Will I be standing to enjoy the reign???

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Viciousness of the Battle

The day has come... a voice from behind whispers... the battlefront is in front of you.. our duties are over.. we have prepared you for the big fight.. go show your strength and defeat the odds !! The reality is not that... they have actually medicated us with doseages of fear and indolence spliced with the oppression of the way they rate our deeds. Was it our mistake? Did we do things wrong? Why this punishment? Every now and then they fire at us... We have faced them all.. V crossed every possible hurdle..
People hav fought it with illness..with pain.. not caring about themselves but only the training given by those so called GODS of the trade... They have this perception that the jinx of illiteracy is haunting them but with acts of transcedence they supress us and extort us. Where do we find help?? Finally hey say that their duties are over. Wat have they done? They have ruined us. But amongst these wicked and evil masters you alwasy find a couple of mortals who empathize and shows acts of support and kindness. You think that will help? It is like finding a drop pof water in a dry desert. It is not going to quench your thirst. Finally they leave us in a state of abandonment and distress.
Here is where the actual battle begins. But we already hav come through a battle were we were torn apart and with very little left in us. You are introduced to the Giants and their allies of the corporate world. This battle is going to be much tougher jus because its not only about winning but also of stayin in the competition. They lay down the rules. They give the boundaries and its ours lives that is fought for.
Some aim to relocate to foriegn lands... Some seek help from the leaders.. Its the middle man that suffers in the battle.. All the idiotic deeds of the masters who have prepared us for ths battle reflects here as humiliation and ignorance. The battle becomes boring. With boredom creeping in you lose the ability to think. You are confused. You need help. The masters treat you as aliens.
Where will you go?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Are You Thinking???

Wind blows... leaves flutter.. sun sets.. its all dark. moon shines.. stars twinkle..Humans.. Animals.. Birds.. Its so complicated yet so simple.. Simple because man has just two duties.. THINK and SLEEP... complicated coz one of them is Think... " ? " is the most feebleminded symbol i have come across.. why is that there is always one in our minds or brains rather.. i still havent gound which of the two is it..
You are thinkin now.. why is it that you are thinking.. you just cant deny that you dont think... why do we think.. why am i thinking.. this think thing is making me think again and again.. Confused??? so am i. its been straying in my mind since i dun know why.. what makes us think.. probably its our previous thought that makes us think.. its a viscious circle.. never ends... do u think when you sleep.. i dunno wat s happenin around when i am asleep.. maybe i dont think then.. that means you either sleep or you think.. think again isnt it true.. why is that we hav to think.. probably ou actions make us think.. think wat we havta do next.. or maybe think abt what we hav done.. but what are actions.. arent they actions becoz u thought abt them.. has ur mind been blank ever?? if it was blank for even a split...the next moment u d be thinkin again.. y is it blank.. blank or was it.. i m thinking rite??? cant think more on this.. but i m thinkin something else... maybe hav made you think also...